understanding INDIE

many of peoples out there really dont understand the meaning of INDIE..
ok ok ok..lets make it clear.. i'll paste an opinion from my friend..
im kind of agree with him..
but hey..every people have different sight of view..
lets take a look..

"indie tu singkatan utk independent.. independent maksud dye berdikari.. band indie bermaksud band yg berdikari dan bebas dr kontrak mana2 syarikat yg besar.. jd..tak kira band hardcore,retro,rock n roll,skinhead,punk mahupun hip hop.. jika band tersebut x terikat ngan mana2 syarikat rakaman.. band tersebut adalh band indie... indie bukan genre music.."

well..i think he's true..
what do u think???


  1. Whoever tht friend is,
    he's truly rite.
    I love Hujan, not Indie.
    I love Coldplay,
    and they're not Indie.

  2. ahahaha..

    hey "GUYS"..!!
    i told ya..