Its been a while. Nothing to say actually. Currently at Megat's house. I've slept at Hatim's house for 2 days. His parents went to KL for? Erk. I dont really know. Haha. Currently at the moment, there's some conversation between Megat and Fyqa. Disturbing me. How can they? I guess I dont really like to hear other's conversation.


Nadiah gave me a shirt. Nadiah said that Megat was going to fetch Alya at her home and she said she want to give me something. I've been wondered. Haha. Megat fetched Alya, arrived and throw me a Nike shirt. It's from Nadiah. Continued our 'work' and tried that shirt. Perfect! I cant help myself from keep throwing 'thank you' to her. I just want u to know how much I appreciate it.


We borrowed Iqbal's PS. Not just an ordinary PS. Its a PS3. Played A Little Big Planet. A little bit childish game but it brought us a lot of fun. Pulled and slapped the player's character, laughing out loud and accomplished the game's missions. Currently, my head is spinning, thinking wether my english is true or false.

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