Case ended.

Yesterday,got caught dropping classes.Im not alone,with Hatim of course.And Megat.Actually,Megat didnt skipped his classes.His ICT teacher wasnt at school and we go to KBSM zone to inform Cikgu Zawawi that Hatim and I want to join TEPCES's band.Around 12.30 we finished our task and go back to Admin zone.There's another 20 more minutes for Math period to end.I thought it was English and I just cant help myself to sleep at Exc.Suddenly, Pn.Sally came to Exc and "WAKE" me up.And 2 minutes later, Ishak came to our class and asked this and that.Hatim and I are not alone,accompanied by Nik and Din.Everyone has their own excuses.Nik and Din was punished by that monster.Luckily, someone called Ishak and he's just let us go.He was just like ending this case.Thanks to the caller,whoever he/she is.

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