I went to Kuantan today.My family went to the mall for shopping.They all said it "Shopping Raya".Its been a while since I get along with my family.I bought a jeans.Nothing can catch my eye.I was about to go to EC mall to check some interesting clothes, Padini? But my dad forgot to bring his medicine.So we went home after we broke our fast.

We broke it near the mosque.At the field? Bought the food at bazaar, wait for the summon and POOF! We broke it.God I was shivered, had a fever maybe.After we performed our Maghrib prayers, we went straight back home.Arrived? I called Hatim, he said he's done with his terawih.Then I called Megat, I went to his home.Went out for a while, just 10 minutes I guess.Got our WORK done.Then we hang out at his house, Hatim called.We talked, about school for tommorow.I went back home, and here I am.In front of this shit laptop.

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