Its been a while.Lets go straight to the point.Megat & I went to KFC to break our fast yesterday. Actually, there were many of us. Hatim cant join us because his father won't let him. First of all, went to Megat's house to fecth alya and then Nadiah. God i was nervoused! Drove a car with Nadiah at the back? No accident? That was a quite succesful task. We parked at the hospital, in front of the forensic room or whatever they call it. Quite creepy I tell you, and then move ourselves to KFC. After that, the girls went shopping, I dont really know what they're really shopped.

I bought new slippers. Weee~ Haha. And then Megat and I went to Skybox. Fetched those girls again. Guess what, Nadiah sat besides me(co driver seat).I was speechless!! But just for a while. "MAT YEN" took over. Damn! He was a disaster! Haha. Megat,"MAT YEN" and I stop over hatim's house to give him some STUFF. And then we move our butts to LOT144 waiting for alya's call. Alya called, Megat fetched her and I went straigth back home.

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