The best day ever I tell you guys. Najah and I went to Mid. Got text from her, took a shower and went to Teluk Pulai's station. Meet her at Shah Alam and went straight to Mid. We've decided to watch a movie and queued for the tickets, couple seat! Haha. I was hungry, we searched for food, cheap food. Haha. Then we went to the arcade, but we dont have much time because the movie was going to start. We watched Avatar. The movie? Not bad I guess. I enjoyed myself very much while watching it. Hehe. Or should I say, we enjoyed ourself very much while watching the movie. Hehe. The movie ended in about 8.00pm, and I went straight to toilet. God, it's freezing in there. I meant in the theater. Haha. We took some pictures at the stairs while waiting for the train. Then we went to KL Sentral. I have no idea why did we stopped there. Haha. And then we went straight back home. It's kind of sad when I left her at Shah Alam. Oh I miss the moment when I'm with her. It's just like, I want to stay in that moment forever. Especially, in the theater. Hehe.

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