Currently, im waiting for Pizza Hut's call. Waiting for the result of my interview. I just want to spend my holiday wisely, thats all. And extra cash! Hehe. Actually im a little bit regret. Because I let Izzat take my place at The Store and choosed MZF. Dika and Izzat just sitting around, waiting for their customers, find the goods and write that stupid series number on the receipt. And POOF! they sold them to their customers. They just do that stupid things and got their salary banked in every month. Actually, just 2 month. Thats why I said im a little bit regret. By just doing that thing, they got paid by their employer. I've stopped working at MZF because I dont have the energy to keep doing that work. God im exhausted! Taking order, cleaning the tables, fewh! I cant stand the pressure. I've been wondered, can I stand working at Pizza Hut if im hired?

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  1. kalau mzf pon dah tak tahan, pizza pon sama la sebab keje dua2 lebih kurang sama je.