Last Tuesday, Faisal, Alang , Izzat and some chicks and I went to Kuantan. But Izzat and those chicks went early than me, Alang and Faisal because, u know. They brought chicks, so he act a little bit different from usual. They watched Santau, without waiting for us. Thank you Izzat. Im glad to be your friend. So we played bowling while waiting for them. After that, we waited for them, again. They said they want to go to Plaza. But something came up, and we have to cancel that plan. We went back home around 17:00 and arrived safely around 18:30.


At the next day, Dika, Alang and I went to Kerteh. We went to Asyraf's house and planned to go to Ketengah Jaya. Chilled at Tihie's house and called Tuda then chilled again at the park. Haha. So much chilling, thats all that we can do. I've traded my Grateful Dead shirt with Tuda. And he gave me a pair of Wrangler jeans. There's so much to tell but I dont have the mood to type. Heeee~


My family and I went to Kuantan today. Its been a while since the last time I went out with them. School shopping I tell you. But I dont grab anything. I just want Vans shoes but I cant find it. Searched for a bag, but nothing can catch my eyes. Its a school shopping but I dont buy even a thing. I think I dont have to follow them at the first time. I went to Syafiq's workplace after arrived home. Dika, Alang , Izzat and Puyet was there. Went to Alang's house after that. Chilled, watched nonsense clip and played video game. And POOF! Im home.

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