I dont think my blog's created to tell stories about things. Ive created it to express my feelings. But sometimes I just dont know how to express it. So I made stories that can show u how I feel. Currently, im confused. I just dont know what I want. Ive been thinking all away but I dont get it. Things doesnt go very well. Sometimes im happy, sometimes I dont. So theres a lot of mood changes everytime we text. My life with her is all about texting. Its ok, im happy with it. I really want to be a good man for her. So I just follow her rythms. Its painful but im willing to do anything. That can show u how much I need her. Geez im crapping too much. I just want to scream all away but I cant. My conscience keep telling me that I should keep it in my heart.

P/s : Sometimes I worry about things that doesnt make sense. Thats why I said that I have mind that controlled by paranoia.

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