I still cant believe that she cried because of me. Now I realized how important I am to her. Lets just call her Natsuki. I dont know why should I call her Natsuki. I just love that name. HAHA. Well she said, she read again my Eid card that I gave to her last year. It was when I didnt contact her for a while due to.... ermm I think I didnt have to tell about that. Its a long and complex story. She read again and she cried. Wahaaauuu, I still cant believe it. Someone out there, cried all because of me. Because I didnt text or call her for a quite long time. I've been wondering...... I know this post is a rubbish. But who cares? Its my blog. This is my bestest way to express my feelings. For those who have problems with it. Shut your fucking mouth up!

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