Syafiq, his brother(dont know his name), Asyraaf, Dika and I went to Kuantan yesterday. Went to East Coast Mall of course. Bought the clash of the titans tickets. Syafiq's brother paid for that. Heeee~ After that, we went to noodle station for dinner. Again, Syafiq's brother treated us. Weee~ Hahaha. The movie? Awesome! But I want to watch in 3D. The tickets for 3D? 12.45pm. Do you have the guts? We watched the movie at 9.45pm. East Coast Mall has been fully conquered by us while waiting for it. I dont think I have the guts to wait for 3D. HAHAHA. Sometimes I feel like it is a nonsense movie. God have siblings? Having sex with human which has created by himself? The most nonsense part is when god can have kids. And god's power depends on humans love. But still, I think it is an awesome movie. Half legend and half mitose.

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